My Herb Adventure: Part 1

So I had been asking dad to let me plant some herbs for weeks. He’s got the green thumb and mostly I just wanted supervision. Apparently I wasn’t forceful enough, because by the time he agreed, it was too late for seeds so we had to get small plants from the greenhouse. Not that I was totally disappointed- I figure that it will give me some practice on how to preserve and use fresh herbs. I’ve never had a fresh herb in my kitchen- apart from the occasional garlic clove. We’ve always bought the dried up mess from the grocery store- not even in a grinder.

We planted them about a week ago and they were rather small- and they’ve flourished. Apparently we have a green thumb together, and the places we picked worked well. We only clipped three plants today, but later in the week I’m sure that we will clip more. All we know about herbs we’re learning from books and the internet- so here’s hoping we don’t totally muck it up!

I also really hate how this layout crops my images to fit. So I might be changing wordpress themes.




Oregano/Thyme/Basil in the same pot





You can see the over growth here of Cilantro/Chives/Parsley/Dill

Hung out to dry πŸ™‚


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  1. They all look great! You obviously have inherited your Dad’s green thumb. I love having a herb garden, I miss that and look forward to being able to get back to that one day soon.

    Have fun with your herbs!

    • I really hope that I have inherited his green thumb. They have these beautiful orchids at the greenhouse that I want to buy for the house. Dad says he has never been able to make one grow. And I just planted some daisies in the flower bed outside. Unrelated to herbs- but yeah haha.

      Well I hope you get back to it soon. I like having something to take care of.

  2. You’re going to be amazed at the difference. I haven’t had luck potting basil or cilantro. But sage, thyme, mint, oregano… have all done well. Oh and my rosemary bush is flourishing despite frequent dog assaults. You’re in the South too, right?, so I’ll be interested in seeing how your plants do.

    • I am. But I’m in the foothills of the mountains in my state. I asked the lady at the nursery about potting- I was worried if I put them in the bed that my dogs would dig them up. She said that they should do okay as lon gas I kept an eye on them. But you never know how things will go.

      Do you have any advice on drying/preserving herbs? And any…. suggestions on using them? I’d love some input.

  3. A few years ago I got my dad to plant some basil for me at their place in the country. I got one huge crop and made lots of pesto while giving away a whole grocery shopping plastic bag of leaves to a neighbour since I couldn’t use them all. I never DID get him to harvest a second crop for me. I think he ended up mulching the rest.

    Unfortunately he passed away last year so I bought a package of basil seeds and am looking at them longingly with the intention of planting them myself in pots in my back yard. We had snow yesterday (south-western Ontario, Canada) so it’s a bit early to plant the seeds but I hope to follow through on the experiment.

    Your herbs look lovely by the way. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! Great recipes. Love the step by step photos.

  5. Bethanie Rotman

    Growing herbs is a lot of fun! And worth it. They smell great.

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