Fried Squash = Delicious

So I made dinner Thursday, and decided to do quite a lot- which left me with a few recipes to throw up for the week. I used to hate vegetables, so I’ve been trying to eat more. Naturally, when I make them, I suck out all of the healthy value- but that’s okay. I’ll learn to eat healthy vegetables eventually! I made some fried squash with dinner- and nobody forewarned me that it takes an eternity to fry. Furthermore, I over floured a few so my oil looks disgusting in one of my pictures. I did change it out after that batch. So it’s really important to make sure you knock the excess flour off. This isn’t like frying a chicken!

All in all I was really satisfied. I made a few that were slightly over done and I sprinkled them with salt, pepper, and mesquite flakes. I love mesquite flavor. For those unfamiliar with the flavor of squash- it’s actually sweetish. This is a great way to get introduced to it. It’s the first way I learned to eat Squash.


  • Squash! I sliced two, which was plenty for three people.
  • Flour
  • A pan with hot oil


  1. Pour oil into a pan to get hot. Only enough to cover the bottom- you don’t want it too deep.
  2. Wash the squash with cold water.
  3. Slice the squash about 1/8th-1/4th of an inch thick.
  4. Dunk each slice in flour. Make sure you tap the sides of the slices to get rid of excess flour- or your oil will get brown and gross (as shown below).
  5. Place them in the oil. Allow to cook about 7 minutes on one side- or until desired crispness.
  6. Flip the slices and brown the opposite side.
  7. Place on a plate of paper towels to drain and cool.
  8. Sprinkle with salt or pepper if desired- but they are totally delish without either!

sliced squash

dunking in flour

gross oil

finished product!


About Bethea

I am a 23 year old with an unruly muse! I'm constantly crafting in some form- baking, knitting, writing, etc.

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  1. Oh wow those make me want fried green tomatoes! Those look great too, don’t get me wrong ! Never thought to fry squash. My father-in-law, who’s southern, thinks I can’t cook a vegetable properly. There’s still bite in it! I bet we’d both approve of these.

  2. We deep fry everything in the south- including bananas and oreos and pickles. You should try it sometime, it’s really delicious.

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