Mesquite Fried Chicken

I definitely slept for fourteen hours last night which made me feel super rested! It was nice. So I decided, after my brother told me he wasn’t going to cook the chicken we thawed, to fry it and have a little bit of fun. (I enjoy making things up as I go along. You should try it sometime!) I ended up with a delicious (and huge) stack of chicken tenders that were fried in mesquite deliciousness.


  • Bonless, skinless chicken breast
  • Flour
  • Pepper, Salt, Mesquite
  • Heavy Cream
  • Vegetable Oil
  • A deep frying pan
  • An Oven

First you’ll want to put your oil in your frying pan to get hot. I use less than a half an inch of oil in my pan. Enough, really, to cover half of the chicken when you place it into the pan.

Second, you’ll want to give your chicken a “bath”. I used heavy cream mixed with a little water because we didn’t have milk or eggs. Put your boneless, skinless chicken (mine was cut rather small) into the bath to soak.

Third, mix about half a cup to one cup of flour (depending on how much chicken you have) with some pepper, salt, and mesquite. I rarely measure things (unless I’m baking). Basically I put so much pepper it looked like I had too much and mixed it in. (Maybe a tablespoon or two?) and did the same with the mesquite. I threw in about a teaspoon of salt with it, too.

Fourth, take your bathed chicken and roll it around into the flour. Make sure it is very coated. Place the chicken into the hot oil, close together. Place the lid on the frying pan, and let it sit for a while. Soon the edges will be a very dark brown, at which point you flip your chicken. Keep an eye on it until the other side is equally dark.

I drain mine by putting it on a rack over a pan. A lot of people use papertowels or paperbags. I didn’t have any available.

Chicken in Flour
The chicken coated in flour!

Chicken in the pan!
The chicken in the frying pan!

Finished product!
The finished product!


About Bethea

I am a 23 year old with an unruly muse! I'm constantly crafting in some form- baking, knitting, writing, etc.

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